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We are kicking off with some inspiration on the classic…

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue?

We’ve all heard this little rhyme at some point. You may even have some of these items picked out for your own special day. But where did this catchy saying originate from and how can you integrate it into your modern day wedding? (Without it being cheesy?!).
“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Silver Sixpence in your Shoe”
This time-honoured tradition originated in England in the late 19th Century but there are many ways in which it can be incorporated into your wedding for 2017.
This saying was intended to bring you good luck, fertility and prosperity. So here are some ideas that could make your special day that little bit more special.

Something Old

• Sew some lace from your mother’s/grandmother’s wedding dress into the hem of your own
• Wrap an old locket around your bridal bouquet. This could be filled with pictures of the people most special to you that have passed, who couldn’t be there on your big day.
• Pearls borrowed from a family member. This can also double as your ‘something borrowed’

Something New

Traditionally this would be a gift from the groom or a member of the bride’s family.
• How about a new designer lippy or perfume? Something that makes you feel really special? This way every time you wear it you will have lovely memories of your big day. (We hope?!)
• Why not tie a shiny new penny, minted in the year of your wedding around your bouquet for good luck?
• Or why not splurge on that gorgeous hair comb you can’t stop eyeing up on pinterest!?
• Why not treat yourself to some new lingerie? This is one thing that we suggest you don’t double up as a something borrowed item?! What do you think to these ‘boudoir dresses’ by Pollardi?

Something borrowed

• Why not have one of the important men in your life give you a button from a jacket from their own wedding. This could be sewn into your dress or placed in your bag. This can be doubled up as your something old too!
• This is a lovely task for your maid of honour/chief bridesmaid to carry out.
• Some people borrow their veil from a friend or family member. (If you can’t find one to suit we have a lovely range in the shop but unfortunately these cannot be borrowed!)

Something Blue

• A lovely personalised idea is to have your wedding date sewn in blue thread into the lining of your gown. This is an easy alteration for most seamstresses to do or if you trust them why not ask a relative to do the honours?
• Blue shoes? Why not look at getting your wedding shoes dyed a beautiful shade of blue? (Our dye-able Rainbow Club shoes actually come with a tiny blue gem placed beautifully in the sole of the shoe so you can get the shoes dyed to whatever colour you want!)
• Garter’s are a perfect way of adding a little something blue to your bridal look without it being overly obvious and encroaching on your beautifully planned out colour scheme!

We hope you enjoyed all our ideas and suggestions. At the end of the day when it comes to traditions we think you should stick to the ones that feel right to you. No you don’t have to borrow ‘Auntie Sue’s’ wedding gloves.

It’s your special day!

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